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Our Mission - To Reveal the True Potential of the Restaurants We So Passionately Serve.

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"…With their deep industry experience and understanding, they provided short- and long-term recommendations we could immediately put in place to improve our business and take it to the next level.

We are delighted with the results so far and look forward to an expanded future.."

Amy LaBossiere, Still Waters Retreat Center

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Restaurant Startups

You are about to embark on an exciting and challenging journey. Put experience and expertise on your side by allowing DineAbility to help pave the way for a successful future.

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Existing Restaurants

You've had your restaurant open for awhile now, but you're looking for ways to boost revenue or improve overall operations. DineAbility has tailored solutions for you.

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Chain Restaurants

Whether you have a chain restaurant or looking to expand your one location into many, we can help in many ways. If you're looking to take your brand to the next level, we're here to help.

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"We had a great experience with DineAbility as we were making our transition from Wisconsin to Connecticut to open our first restaurant.

They made us feel comfortable and confident in this scary but exciting venture! We recommend DineAbility to any start up, or existing restaurant. If you are looking for a great partner, and one that can set your restaurant up for success, give DineAbility a try."

Andy, Litchfield Grill
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How Wobble Wedges Came To Be - An Interview With Wobble Wedges Inventor Robert Bellows

How Wobble Wedges Came To Be - An Interview With Wobble Wedges Inventor Robert Bellows

Here at DineAbility we are obsessed with the awesome product that is Wobble Wedges - so much that we decided to interview the creator of Wobble Wedges Robert Bellows! Check out the history of this neat product in the Q&A session below: DineAbility: Tell us about the origins of the product - your "About Page" talks about your Victorian home and the slanted floors. It took 10 years before you cam ...More  >>

Dinner Around the World - Infographic

Dinner Around the World - Infographic

Ever wonder what the difference between dinner and supper is? How about what the dinner habits are for different countries all over the world? Big thanks to Chef Works for putting together this awesome infographic!  ...More  >>

How to Get Your Wait Staff to Up-sell

How to Get Your Wait Staff to Up-sell

Interested in teaching your waitstaff the skills to upsell? Believe or not, many diners WANT to be sold that special drink or dish, they just don't know how to ask for it. In this video DineAbility President Jason Robinson discusses his tips on how to get your wait staff excited about upselling. Some of the tips Jason shares include: Understanding the Upsell - Adding to a dish, increasi ...More  >>

What You Think You Know About The Martini is Probably Wrong

What You Think You Know About The Martini is Probably Wrong

Like most of us out there, I’m a firm believer that a great evening begins with a great drink. I enjoy beer, I drink wine often, and I’m a sucker for a great whiskey. But, nothing speaks or invites questions quite like a Martini! While not popular in every setting, there are few things noticed quite the way a martini glass gets noticed in a room full of pints or highball glasses. When done ...More  >>

10 Things to Remember When Writing a Seasonal Menu

10 Things to Remember When Writing a Seasonal Menu

Spring has arrived, and there's no doubt if you're working in the kitchen that your ingredient list is about to change as new products become available. With the season change also comes the change of your guest's appetite. Looking for inspiration for a new menu? Here's a great list to keep you focused when coming up with ideas for a new seasonal menu. 1. Keep it inventive but with c ...More  >>

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Jason has a clear and direct vision of how a restaurant can function from the moment he walks through the door…

Colin Septko | Chef/ Restaurant Owner

David Koji is necessary to any company looking to increase their customer’s satisfaction.

Mike Olsson | Happy’s Steak House

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