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13 Mistakes You’re Making on Your Restaurant’s Website

Common pitfalls to avoid and easy fixes with big payoff

Your online media presence has become essential for engaging current and potential customers. If you are not taking advantage of the vast variety of platforms for branding on the Internet, let’s face it—you're way behind the times and are missing out on great revenue-generating opportunities.
[clear][br] However, with all the available (and free) social media options, the most important asset to your bottom line is your actual website—that's where your message needs to start and where you need to drive your customers. You may have paid to have your website developed; you may have a friend who knows WordPress and built a site for you; you may be using a “self-build” type of website program with drag-and-drop functionality. Regardless of the way your website came to be, we've found several common issues that can cause restaurant websites to underperform…13, to be exact.
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