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harbortouch-restaurant-posAdvanced technology has become integrated in the business world and the point of sale (POS) industry is no exception.

Harbortouch is an industry leader in the field of POS and has received a number of awards for their work.  Their products can be found in a multitude of businesses across the county and have been featured on Spike Channel’s Bar Rescue.


harbortouch-pos1. Point of Sale Systems, a Merchant’s Assistant

Having a POS system can simplify operating a business. Harbortouch can provide a POS system that is designed for the specific needs of your business or restaurant.   POS devices can also benefit traditional brick and mortar stores, mobile vendors, and web-based merchants by performing a number of sales types, tracking tasks, and reporting.


harbortouch-ecr2. Electronic Register

An electronic cash register from Harbortouch can process credit card payments, track daily cash and credit sales and list taxable and non-taxable sales.

3. Customizable Keyboard   

Harbortouch offers an online set-up program that allows merchants to customize their ECR keyboard prior to the unit being shipped.   This greatly reduces set-up time once the unit arrives at the business location.

harbortouch-nfc4. NFC

Near Field Communication devices allow customers to pay with credit cards or other electronic accounts. Many of the major credit card companies are planning to move to the more secure EMV smart credit cards and Harbortouch has designed their NFC devices to accept these enhanced credit cards.

harborpay5. Wireless/Bluetooth Capabilities

With the popularity of mobile business ventures, Harbortouch provides POS devices equipped audio jack readers and Bluetooth receipt print capabilities. These mobile devices are compatible with Apple, Blackberry, and Windows-based devices.

6. Accept Checks

For merchants that accept checks for payment, Harbortouch has developed a check scanning services that can read the check and notify the merchant if the purchaser has a history of writing bad checks.   The check scanner can also automatically deposit an accepted check into the merchant’s bank account.


authorize7. Authorize.net

Authorize.net is a service offered by Harbortouch that enables payments to be accented online.  This system can be configured to work with an e-commerce vendor’s existing website.

8. Cash Advances

A merchant in need of cash may obtain a cash advance from Harbortouch by using their future credit card receipts as collateral.

9. ATM Machines

ATM machines generate foot traffic and can increase sales.  Harbortouch offers the installation of the ATM machines along with cash replenishment and processing services.

10. The Customer Above All Else

While Harbortouch is on the forefront of merchant sales services, they have built their company on a deep commitment to customer service. They believe merchants are vital to the company’s continued success and work to ensure their complete satisfaction. Harbortouch values their relationships with customers and takes these relationships into consideration when making business decisions.

Harbortouch gives each customer personal attention and provides 24/7 in house services.   They design cash handling systems according to the merchant’s specific needs and provide professional installation along with on-site training.

One call to Harbortouch gives merchants not only the opportunity to have an innovative sales tracking system, but to have unparalleled customer service to ensure they maximize all the features of the POS devices are completed satisfied with their sales management system.


11. Harbortouch Elite POS

The Harbortouch Elite point of sale system is a comprehensive business management tool that can simplify day to day operations and provide a vast amount of financial information.  The Elite POS system is built to the highest industry standards with attention given to hardware reliability and the user-friendly, customizable software.

The Elite POS system is ideal for medium to large retail and restaurant operations along with QSR and delivery companies and has a number of outstanding features.

12. Software Adaption

Harbortouch offers software packages that can be adapted individually configured for each type of business. A Harbortouch technician will work with the business management team to create a customized software system.

13. Lifetime Warranty

The hardware components of the Elite POS system are protected by a lifetime warranty.  The equipment will be replaced at no charge in the event of breakage or malfunction.

14. Free Hardware

Each Elite POS package includes a 15 inch touchscreen, keyboard and mouse.

15. Affordable Service

There are no initial payments with the installation of an Elite POS system. Once your system is installed and fully operational, there is a small monthly service fee of $69.00.

16. Free Trial

Each Elite POS system comes with a 30 day trial period to ensure each business is completely satisfied with their purchase.

17. Installation & Training

Harbortouch offers on-site installation and a comprehensive training program for each POS system purchase.

18. 24/7 Customer Support

Customer support is available 24/7 to ensure any issues are addressed promptly.


19. The Basics and Options

Each basic Elite POS system includes a receipt printer and cash drawer.  The retail-designed systems include a bar code scanner and integrated customer display while the hospitality version of the Elite has the capacity for 10 server cards.

Businesses seeking additional features may select remote printers, video display devices and bar code readers. Caller ID and digital scales can also be added to the basic Elite POS system.

20. Versatile Payment Processing

The Harbortouch Elite POS is designed to process payments from most major credit and debit cards.   The system can also accept payments from PIN debit cards, Apple Pay, Peakwave and Tabbed Out.  The Elite POS can accept NFC card payments and is ready to accept the new EMV smart cards that major banks and credit card companies are expected to introduce in the near future.   Harbortouch has enabled businesses to be prepared for this significant change in the credit card industry by including EMV technology now.  This action saves time and the costs of additional software enhancements.

21. Beyond Payment Processing

The Harbortouch Elite POS can perform a number of tasks beyond payment processing.    Harbortouch’s Lighthouse remote data system is cloud-based and allows business managers to run sales reports and make changes to menus and other sales programs from any remote locations.

The Elite POS system can provide a multitude of sales information regarding items sold, cash and credit card sales and taxable and non-taxable items. Business managers may obtain sales information broken down into specific product categories or by time increments.

22. Customers are the First Priority

Harbortouch makes customer service the primary focus of their company.   They work to ensure each client is completely satisfied with the hardware, software and service provided by each member of the Harbortouch team.

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