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Rant – “It’ll Only Be 5 minutes Longer”

Most people will attest that I am a very time-sensitive person. I don’t care if we have an important business meeting, or meeting up to play a round of golf, I expect people to honor their time commitment.
Your time is not more valuable than mine, which is exactly what you are saying when you are late. I get this trait from my mother. She bred me into thinking the actual saying was: “fashionably early.”
A huge pet peeve of mine in restaurants is when servers provide me with an obscure and uncalculated wait time to sit at a table, receive my drink, or receive my food. And then when the promised time comes and goes, I become annoyed and my experience is damaged. Stay accountable to your time commitments!
“Under promise and over deliver”
You know how long my meal will take, or how long there is left to cook. If you don’t know, ask someone who knows, like the cook! Saying something will take “just 10 minutes longer” when it actual takes 30 minutes longer, is not okay. I don’t want you to humor me with an arbitrary time, get me the actual time, and when you find out the time, add time to it. Under promise and over deliver!
If there is 10 minutes left to cook my meal, tell me 15 minutes. That way if it comes early you exceed expectations. If there is an issue and the cooking staff does need that extra 5 minutes, then you provided your co-workers with a time cushion. If you do end up bringing out the food 15 minutes later, that is completely acceptable because you stayed true to your promise.
If something is wrong, tell me exactly what’s wrong right away. If my food will be “ready in 10,” then tell me it’ll be “ready in 15.” Every customer experience is an opportunity to shine. You can shine by being prompt, with good news and bad, and turn every situation into a positive one. Don’t set yourself to produce an angry customer by being dishonest or “sneaky.”

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