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david_koji  David Koji


David has an extensive business background including process improvement, leadership, and strategic competencies that shape and mold the foundation to best serve DineAbility’s valued clients. David has a consulting background that compliments his knowledge, expertise, and skill set. He also has experience in a fast-paced, team and results-driven environment.

With a Six Sigma Certification (process improvement), Bachelors in Communication (Human Relations), a Masters in Organizational Communication, a Master’s in Business Administration (in progress), and business and process improvement training, David brings the vision and methodology that connects the DineAbility team to restaurants and their goals.

jay-head  Jason Robinson


Jason Robinson has been a front of house mainstay in premier restaurants in New England for nearly two decades. He has served in some of the best destination hotspots in the northeast, from local establishments in New London, Waterford, and Glastonbury to major tourist attractions in Newport, Mystic, Providence, and Cape Cod.

Jason has had the unique perspective of being a factor in both successful kitchens and front-of-house staffs. He is a hands-on professional with many unique insights into the inner workings of a successful restaurant.

mike-head  Michael Torrant

  Director of Client Development

Michael Torrant has had his hand in the Connecticut food industry for more than a decade. His career has taken him to all corners of the state and seen him working in various capacities. From running service to cooking on the line, Mike’s experience has afforded him an intimate knowledge of both ends of a restaurant.

As a principal in multiple catering companies, Mike’s close interaction with chefs and clients has earned him a comprehensive understanding of current food trends, modern market demands and the uppermost importance of consistent execution. He is deeply committed to helping others realize their full potential.

eric-head  Eric Hebert

  Director of Marketing

For the last 10 years, Eric has studied and worked in almost every facet of the constantly evolving online marketing landscape. From his humble beginnings in Search Engine Marketing to being at the forefront of social media and viral marketing, Eric made a name for himself in both the b2b sector as well as a stint taking his knowledge of online business models to the fledgling music business.

While building his digital media empire, Eric did what a lot of entrepreneurs do - worked at restaurants to pay the bills and network. For over 15 years Eric has stacked his resume working in every FOH position, with a strength in operations and team building. Today he continues to help launch new restaurants as well as act as DineAbility's Director of Marketing.