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6 Mistakes Restaurant Owners Make

Who has time for mistakes? Mistakes cost you time and money and can originate from poor staff results due to lack of training or lack of communication, customer turnover and attrition due to poor customer experiences and ...

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The “People” Value

When we think of value, it usually pertains to product or service value. Did we get more value than we expected from our purchase? Did the DVD player last longer than we thought it would? Did the mechanic do more qual ...

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Encouraging the Process

A good way to increase productivity among employees is to recognize good work. Not just praising the outcome, but encouraging the process in which produced the outcome. If you are continually praising only results, you ...

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The Power of Confirmation

Communication is not communication if the message does not reach the receiver. In order to confirm a message is received, confirmation must be generated in some form. In the most basic form of communication, the face-t ...

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