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Save time & increase revenue with marketing automation

DineAbility's Digital Direction offers trigger-based campaigns that send engagement rates through the roof. Boost and retain revenue automatically.

How? Every time someone becomes a brand advocate, ask him for referrals. When a customer is at risk, instantly trigger a winback offer.

Better idea? Make it happen.

1Turn-key automated marketing

Our All-in-One platform can run acquisition and nurturing campaigns right out-of-the-box. We do marketing automation that works from day 1.

And in three clicks, okay maybe four, you can have a new campaign running.

auto-2Behavior-based workflows

DineAbility's platform automatically buckets customers into meaningful segments: brand advocates, at-risk customers, satisfied VIPs...

Instantly launch revenue-generating campaigns by choosing what event triggers what message to what segment.

email_3Nurture across channels

DineAbility's automated campaigns work across email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google.

Why send an email blast to someone when he only engages on Twitter? Let DineAbility figure out the best channels to reach your customers.

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[h3]"…With their deep industry experience and understanding, they provided short- and long-term recommendations we could immediately put in place to improve our business and take it to the next level. [/h3] [br] [h3]We are delighted with the results so far and look forward to an expanded future.."[/h3] [br] Amy LaBossiere, Still Waters Retreat Center
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