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[tab title="Layout/Atmosphere Analysis"] [strong]Overview:[/strong] [br]

searchThe Layout / Atmosphere Analysis is a comprehensive examination of the layout and atmosphere of the restaurant, including table arrangement, station placement, color scheme, etc. The deliverable will be presented in a final report.
[br] [br] [strong]Service Benefits[/strong] [br] [clear] [ul] [li]Maximize your restaurant's space to create an optimal customer experience.[/li]

[li]Increase or adjust the seating capacity to get the most out of your space.[/li]

[li]Create an atmosphere that will maximize the customer’s comfort while streamlining service.[/li] [/ul] [clear] [br] [strong]Service Success Story[/strong] [br] star-greyI remember working with an incredibly popular Italian restaurant that had been quite successful for a number of years. I remember that although the bar was always busy the lounge itself was never a section that servers wanted. It did not have the draw of the main dining room, which had these opulent high-backed booths along the wall that everyone wanted to sit in. When it came time to remodel we ended up knocking down a wall and displacing three of these booths.


Originally, the owner was simply going to store them in an unused room until he could sell them, until I made the suggestion that scattering them in the lounge may be the way to go. By placing these booths along the walls of the lounge, we increased the seating capacity, created little nooks and breaks in the room to give a sense of privacy, and gave a once undesirable section something that only the main dining room had. Now when I visit the bar I see a packed lounge with, not one, but two busy servers.

[br][/tab] [tab title="Side-Work Analysis"] [strong]Overview:[/strong] [br]

searchSide-work Analysis is an examination of the most important off-peak (not busy; down time) tasks required to be completed (such as refilling, restocking, etc.). These can be generic or specific and can address specific areas of the restaurant. The deliverable will be presented in a final report.
[br] [strong]Service Benefits[/strong] [br] [clear] [ul] [li]Truly learn how efficiently your restaurant staff’s time is being allocated.[/li]

[li]Find new ways to cut staff payroll by limiting the time spent on side work.[/li]

[li]Increase the organization and efficiency of your restaurant’s daily tasks.[/li] [/ul] [clear] [br] [strong]Service Success Story[/strong] [br]

star-greySide work is the bane of many servers’ existence. It can cut into a server’s profit drastically and many servers will find ways to cut it short, pawn it off, or just not do it.


However, side work, when portioned appropriately, can actually help servers make more money, serve customers more efficiently, and aide in keeping a restaurant clean. I’ve worked in one establishment that had little to no side work and I’ve worked in another that had complex and time consuming tasks before, during, and after shifts. A few years ago I was asked by a friend and business owner to take a look at what was going on with front of house staff. Business in the restaurant seemed to be good, but the morale of the workers was incredibly low.


I came in as a potential new employee, training to work and learn from the servers. I saw almost no prep side work and very little side work done during the shift. It was after the shift that the servers were dreading and competing to escape: nearly two and a half hours of side work at the end of a long night. This was the morale killer! It turned out to be an easy fix. Splitting side work by section, dispersing side work over the length of the shift and transferring some end of night tasks to bar and late-staying kitchen staff relieved a lot of pressure and time constraints on the servers.

[br][/tab] [tab title="Consolidation Menu Analysis"] [strong]Overview:[/strong] [br]

searchThe Consolidation Menu Analysis will identify under-performing and underachieving restaurant menus. The analysis will include the appearance, section clarity, price adjustments, possibility for new product placement, etc. The deliverable will be presented in a final report.

[br] [strong]Service Benefits[/strong] [br] [clear] [ul] [li]Maximize your menus through placement, layout or style changes.[/li]

[li]Create descriptions that bring flare to the customer before the food hits the table.[/li]

[li]Let us help you create a menu that will be a device used to reinforce your restaurant’s identity as well as sell your food.[/li] [/ul] [clear] [br] [strong]Service Success Story[/strong] [br]

star-greyI have seen a ton of menus that did not make sense. Most people do not think of how important it is until they see the difference between a good menu and a bad one. I can recall one instant while working with a chef who had an amazing talent to create wonderful dishes, and could explain exactly how he prepares each one in the kitchen.


However, when it came time to word it correctly for the menu his talents dwindled. I re-wrote the menu by fashioning descriptions of the beautiful entrees in such a manner that customers could visualize the dishes better in their minds. Before long, the chef was selling a wider array of dishes and even commented on a few that had not been sold in weeks.