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Restaurant Money Saving Tip: Find Money Outside with LED Technology

When trying to save money, few restaurant owners walk outside to look for solutions, but after reading this hopefully you will.

Your outdoor lighting can be consuming more energy than you think and there are ways for you to take immediate action. In general, outdoor lighting is on starting from dusk until dawn or about 3,640 hours per year. What does this mean to you?

Well, one 175 watt metal halide flood light will cost you about $135 annually to operate. How many do you have in your parking lot or mounted to your building? Do I have your attention now?

The easiest way to save money is to:

(1) figure out how often your outdoor lighting is on


(2) does it need to be on that much?

Did you fail to adjust your timer for daylight savings and are your lights on 2 hours before it gets dark?

Do you really need to have all your outdoor lights on all night?

Think about this and adjust operating hours accordingly and start saving tonight!

Best solution: change your outdoor lighting to state-of-the-art LED technology lighting fixtures. LED’s are extremely energy efficient, provide high quality light, and have a life that is 2-4 times longer than your existing fixtures, which can lead to significant maintenance savings.

You can replace a 175 watt metal halide fixture with a 40 watt LED or a 90 watt metal halide with an 18 watt LED and save $110 and $57 per year respectively. Take advantage of the utility incentive programs and receive as much as 40% of the installed cost from them and finance the balance on your bill at 0% interest. I know, you’re excited and can’t wait to get started. Just call a utility approved vendor (World Energy is one) for a no cost on-site energy audit to identify your facilities potential to save money.

Written by guest author Rick Galipeau from World Energy

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