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[h2]Staff Training[/h2] [br][clear]

This service will be for restaurant staff and management to improve various competencies, abilities, and skills. These will be done in the applicable amount of sessions that correspond to the training being administered. Due to DineAbility’s extensive expertise, there is a wide range of training topics we can perform. Just let us know what you need!


check3[h3]Increase staff awareness, etiquette, product knowledge and efficiency to put the best staff possible in your establishment[/h3] [br][clear] check3[h3]Great way to introduce new systems, products and procedures to the staff[/h3] [br][clear] check3[h3]Create universal service strategies to generate a more consistent product and customer experience[/h3] [br][clear] [br][clear] [h2]Pre-shift meeting development[/h2] [br][clear]

The pre-shift meeting will connect an important bridge between managements and staff. It allows management to set proper expectations and allows the staff to obtain crucial information on how to best execute the day’s service.

check3[h3]Start each service shift with a prepared and confident staff[/h3] [br][clear]

check3[h3]Develop a standard of operation that leads to better restaurant organization[/h3] [br][clear]

check3[h3]Build a constant and efficient communication flow between management and staff[/h3] [br][clear] [h2]Staff Meeting Overhaul[/h2] [br][clear]

Take your normal, boring, and unproductive monthly, quarterly, etc. staff meetings and turn them into an engaging, fun, and productive experience! Build a team who believes in your brand and mission and turn that energy into better service and a more profitable business.


check3[h3]The interactive nature of the staff meeting overhaul means improved teamwork and better team synergy Promotes a culture of growth and development[/h3] [br][clear]

check3[h3]Conduct staff meetings that will be engage the interest of staff, which leads to more productive meetings Watch your team become more attentive which leads to better learning results[/h3] [br][clear]

check3[h3]Builds trust between managers and staff[/h3] [br][clear] Get Started >>