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[h2]FOH Communication Analysis[/h2] [br][clear]

This service analyzes your restaurant’s communications, from your staff communications all the way to your bulletin board material. This service can act as a way to explore the current communication environment in order to ensure communication is working as efficiently and as effectively as possible.


check3[h3]Understand and improve how communication works within your restaurant [/h3] [br][clear] check3[h3]Understand what communication vehicles are being used and how effective/underutilized/over-utilized[/h3] [br][clear] check3[h3]Determine where the communication breakdowns lie, how that affects your overall operations, and how to fix it[/h3] [br][clear] [br][clear] [h2]Layout / atmosphere analysis[/h2] [br][clear]

The layout / atmosphere analysis is a comprehensive examination of the layout and atmosphere of the restaurant, including table arrangement, station placement, color scheme, etc.


check3[h3]Learn the best layout arrangement for your restaurant[/h3] [br][clear]

check3[h3]Understand the underpinnings that will make your restaurant more appealing[/h3] [br][clear] [h2]Staff analysis[/h2] [br][clear]

Staff analysis will uncover the "real truth" about your staff’s needs and a general understanding of your staff's morale, engagement level, and attitude toward your business.
[br][clear] It is comprised of focus groups and individual staff interviews. This combination allows the staff to collaborate and enjoy some team building time while having one-on-one time to express themselves without others around. These two combined will pin-point very crucial improvement opportunities.
[br][clear] This services also includes a side-work analysis which is an examination of the most important off-peak (not busy; down time) tasks required to be completed (such as refilling, restocking, etc.). These can be as generic or specific as possible and can address specific areas of the restaurant.


check3[h3]The feedback will allow management to focus on developing certain key areas that improves staff's self-confidence, morale, and productivity. [/h3] [br][clear]

check3[h3]Will give you a fresh look on how your staff is performing on the floor. This will provide unbiased testimony of how your staff is currently performing against time metrics, customer satisfaction, and general service proficiency[/h3] [br][clear]

check3[h3]Receive a complete analysis of the work effort, staff opinion, and current time-commitment of your side work activities[/h3] [br][clear] Get Started >>