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[h2]Menu Item Profitability[/h2] [br][clear]

A thorough review of current buying practices with an eye toward lowering food cost. We take our findings and provide new buying options, suppliers, and pricing structures to help you achieve better financial footing as it pertains to your menu.


check3[h3]Learn how to properly calculate food cost to gain a better handling of your purchasing practices[/h3] [br][clear] check3[h3]Expand your food purchasing power to diversify suppliers for optimal food costs [/h3] [br][clear] check3[h3]Gain a detailed look at all the cost wastes in your current process[/h3] [br][clear] check3[h3]Pinpoint most profitable items and develop strategies to better utilize those items[/h3] [br][clear] check3[h3]Establish best practices for tracking food cost[/h3] [br][clear] [br][clear] [h2]Maximum Allowable Food Cost[/h2] [br][clear]

A comprehensive look into how food is received, held, and prepared. We also look for overages amidst the current inventory and look for ways to mitigate any surpluses. Moreover, these findings are used to help determine strategies to eliminate waste and double work moving forward.


check3[h3]Identify and eliminate inventory waste causing lost revenue [/h3] [br][clear]

check3[h3] Eliminate double work [/h3] [br][clear] check3[h3] Develop consistent and predictable processes to manage your inventory[/h3] [br][clear] check3[h3] Learn how to extend the shelf life of key items[/h3] [br][clear] check3[h3] Gain a higher level education on inventory control[/h3] [br][clear] [h2]Develop In-House Food Cost Monitoring Program[/h2] [br][clear]

Tracking daily sales by shift shows you what sells best on your current menu, and shows what doesn’t. By first uncovering the winning and losing items, and then applying techniques and strategies that focus on boosting profit, this will help to increase sales and boost check totals.


check3[h3]Learn how to track daily sales to know exactly how your restaurant is financially doing, day-to-day[/h3] [br][clear]

check3[h3]Determine what menu items are your biggest money-makers (and which are not) [/h3] [br][clear]

check3[h3]Develop strategies on how to boost sales by leveraging your most profitable items[/h3] [br][clear] check3[h3]Improve your responsiveness to customer demand Put in place a better sales forecasting system[/h3] [br][clear] check3[h3]Learn better techniques for tracking daily sales [/h3] [br][clear] Get Started >>