DineAbility Food Cost Solutions II - DineAbility

DineAbility’s “Food Cost Solutions II” introduces the next step of food cost analysis from a top down perspective. Need to get your BOH spending under control? This is the product for you. Do you and your head chef not see eye-to-eye about ordering? Allow us to come in and determine your maximum allowable food cost based on your sales and settle any internal strife between management and the BOH.

Package Contents*
  • Determination of the financial bottom line of your restaurant
  • Sales and revenue review – a look "into the numbers" for financial analysis
  • Invoice inspection. See how they are buying, at what prices.
  • Determine maximum allowable food cost per week
  • Final report detailing findings - (need to add extra text here to this)
  • Strategy document to address overages and reduce spending
Food Cost Plus
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