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How to Control Goose Problems With Geese Repellent

Do you own or manage a golf course? No doubt your members who frequent the course want to see the best grass you can offer, but if you have outdoor seating at the course restaurant you care just as much about their experience as well - and I just learned about a problem that I never considered - how to get rid of geese who are ruining the course!

Maintenance staff are kept busy with all they have to do to keep the course green and mowed, clean and free from geese and their droppings. Geese are notorious for to eating on the course's vegetation.

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Geese prefer open, grassy areas near or adjacent to water. Water provides geese with protection from predators, and open spaces allow geese to view the approach of potential predators. Thus, golf courses, parks and residential developments with stormwater catchment ponds are often ideal habitats for Canada geese.

Luckily for golf course owners, there are a number of geese repellent solutions to help control geese. One excellent product includes the Flight Control line of geese repellent products.

We've had a number of course superintendents concerned that our product won't work because their turf is different than other courses. It doesn't matter. If the geese are eating your turf, FlightControl Plus will work.

Just a quick tip for DineAbility readers who manage course restaurants - make sure you're using the best repellents to keep your customers coming back!

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