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[h2]Evaluation of Current Menu[/h2] [br][clear]

Take your menu to the next level by identifying strengths and weaknesses of current menu. Evaluate current layout and descriptions of menu items with an eye toward improving sales of most profitable items.


check3[h3]Determine the best way to layout your menu to accentuate your top dishes[/h3] [br][clear] check3[h3]Redefine your menu identity by incorporating more eye-appealing features [/h3] [br][clear] check3[h3]Pinpoint areas of overall menu improvement that serves to better suit customer needs[/h3] [br][clear] check3[h3]Highlight ways to up-sell profitable items[/h3] [br][clear] check3[h3]Establish best practices for tracking food cost[/h3] [br][clear] [br][clear] [h2]Incorporate Contemporary Food Trends[/h2] [br][clear]

Update the language and contents of your current menu to take full advantage of contemporary food trends and marketing techniques. Help provide a better customer experience as it pertains to your menu.


check3[h3]Learn farm to table strategies[/h3] [br][clear]

check3[h3] Introduce local, seasonal foods[/h3] [br][clear] check3[h3]Development of sustainable practices to keep your menu continuously contemporary[/h3] [br][clear] check3[h3] Focus on ‘green’ practices, sources[/h3] [br][clear] check3[h3] Present your menu in a way that tells a story about your restaurant’s uniqueness[/h3] [br][clear] [h2]Plating Examination[/h2] [br][clear]

Tracking daily sales by shift shows you what sells best on your current menu, and shows what doesn’t. By first uncovering the winning and losing items, and then applying techniques and strategies that focus on boosting profit, this will help to increase sales and boost check totals.


check3[h3]Improve portion consistency which will save money[/h3] [br][clear]

check3[h3]Portion consistency will also translate to better food cost tracking [/h3] [br][clear]

check3[h3]Develop a more educated staff to produce repeatable results [/h3] [br][clear] check3[h3]Improve your responsiveness to customer demand Put in place a better sales forecasting system[/h3] [br][clear] check3[h3]Introduce the “wow factor” with your dish presentation[/h3] [br][clear] Get Started >>