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What are DineAbility’s Pioneer Packages? Our Pioneer Packages offer you the fastest and most efficient way to self-reflect on your restaurant’s needs, discuss those needs with restaurant improvement consultants, and then receive additional guidance and strategy direction with recommendations for improvement!

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Package Contents*
  • Restaurant Questionnaire Assessment (RQA)
  • Thoroughly Review and Discuss RQA
  • Restaurant Questionnaire Spotlight (RQS)
  • Phone consulting
  • Custom Next Step Strategy Document
  • 2 hour FOH or BOH Service Evaluation**
Pioneer Package 3
  • 1 hour phone or onsite meeting
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  • 1 hour session (two sessions)
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[br][clear] The “Restaurant Questionnaire Assessment (RQA)” is a way for DineAbility to understand and learn as much as possible about your restaurant upfront. This document, along with the review of the RQA, lays the foundation for a very productive service.
[br][clear] The “Restaurant Questionnaire Spotlight (RQS)” is a way for DineAbility to drill-down even further on the uncovered areas of improvement we worked together to expose with our “Review and discuss RQA” meeting. We are gaining clarity at this point to really give you meaningful solutions.
[br][clear] A “Next step strategy document” contains the recommendations based on the questionnaires and discussions. At this point, DineAbility has a clear understanding of where you are, why you got there, and what you need to do for explosive improvement.
[br][clear] **Local only – 45 mile radius from Hartford, CT – anything further will be handled on a case-by-case basis**