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The Power of Confirmation

Communication is not communication if the message does not reach the receiver. In order to confirm a message is received, confirmation must be generated in some form. In the most basic form of communication, the face-to-face interaction, the verbal and non-verbal cues of the receiver convey "receipt" and understanding or misunderstanding of the message.
If a misunderstanding occurs on behalf of the message received, the receiver can ask for clarification. The sender of the message can repeat, clarify, or expand on the message. Static methods of communication like emails, voice mails, or other communications not replied to in “real time” present challenges to confirm both receipt of the message and the meaning of the message. Without a confirmation, messages can be lost and delays/disagreements/etc. can arise.
The Power of Confirmation: In order complete the communication loop, confirmation must be generated to confirm “receipt” of the message. As a sender, don’t assume the message reached your target. As a receiver, provide the sender a confirmation that the message was received. Following these suggestions will greatly reduce the amount of lost or misinterpreted messages.

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