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The Power of Delivering Results Based on Your Audience’s Needs

Everyone you deliver results to should be considered your customer. Whether that is your actual client, your employees, your manager, or even your spouse; you have an obligation to deliver results in a timely fashion that meet or exceed your audience’s expectations. When you start working on your own schedule, delivering when it is most convenient for you, or becoming complacent with your actions, attitude, or behavior, you run the risk of coming off as unreliable, untrustworthy, and arrogant.
Here are some quick tips that will help you satisfy your audience’s needs when they need them completed while leaving you looking good:
See your “audience” as a CEO

If you keep this in mind you will deliver top notch results. If everything you do is done with fervor, a strong regard for your audience, and an unrelenting feeling of urgency, you will position yourself to make your audience feel relevant and appreciated.

Be cognizant of your audiences’ needs – Completely understand and deliver what your audience wants. This may take additional probing with questions and clarification, but at least you can be sure you know exactly what your audience needs so you can deliver exactly that.
Clarify timeframes

Be very clear as to when your audience needs the deliverable – and stick to that timeframe. We live in a time where everything is needed quickly and can be delivered quickly via electronic devices and the readily available internet. Promptness is far from being a nice-to-have; these days it is expected.

If you can’t deliver, communicate that! – People get busy, lose track of time, Murphy’s Law suggests more pressing matters will spring up in the most inconvenient times. If competing priorities pull you away from delivering what you promised, inform your audience as quickly as possible so they can immediately take action with a different option. The worst thing you can do is prolong this communication to your audience.

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