DineAbility Professional Video for Your Restaurant Doesn't Have to Be Expensive

Professional Video for Your Restaurant Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive

There's no doubt that years ago, many restaurants could never even think about having a professional video shot and edited to use in their advertising, let alone the cost of actually airing a commercial on TV. Sure, you'd have a late-night local access spot show up from time to time, but usually one didn't have the budget to do a proper commercial justice.
[br][clear] Just like the web changed everything else in the marketing/advertising world, these days getting a video up is EASY right? Just point and shoot with your phone and boom, you have a quick Vine or YouTube video ready to go. That's all there is too it right?
[br][clear] Unfortunately while are phones do indeed take some pretty credible quality footage and audio as well, that doesn't mean you can get away with only using these quick shoots to promote your restaurant. As a matter of fact, quality video production is a fraction of the cost it used to be and still separates you from the rest of the pack if you have the right team behind it.
[br][clear] Finding an affordable company to put together a good video CAN be a challenge - the bigger guys will still want to charge you a lot of money for their work or try to sell you on things you don't need, and the Craigslist videographers might not be reliable enough to get the job done just quite right.
[br][clear] Luckily, we here at DineAbility knows just what your video needs are, and have a great network of video professionals ready to help shoot your restaurant's video like the one showcased above. Feel free to drop us a line to learn more about our video production and marketing options.

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