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searchCommunication is the linchpin to running a successful restaurant. Whether that is from owners / managers to staff, from staff to staff, or from staff to customers, communication is interwoven in everything you do.
This service analyzes communication break downs that are determined by you, or this service can act as a way to explore the current communication environment in order to ensure communication is working as efficiently and as effectively as possible.
[strong]Service Benefits[/strong] [ul] [li]Uncover communication break downs that are causing issues in your restaurant[/li]

[li]Gain a firm understanding of how your communication is currently performing[/li]

[li]Determine where specific areas of your restaurant’s communication needs improvement[/li] [/ul] [clear] [strong]Service Success Story[/strong]  
star-greyI conducted a communication assessment for a company that wanted to better understand their internal communication environment and if there were any improvement opportunities.
Through a thorough analysis, complete with surveys and one-on-one interviews with employees, many different communication vehicles were either being overused or underused. In particular, a vital piece to the employee communication was a communication log.
It essentially recorded the entire past working shift activities so the next shift knew what was going on. The issue with this was twofold: (1) the communication log was not in a centralized location for all to use and (2) it was being underused. We simply placed the log in a centralized location and put parameters around using it. Now, the communication log is being used by all and is a staple of their communication and ensures proper preparation for each shift.