DineAbility 5 Things Your to Make Your Restaurant’s Mobile App Awesome

5 Things Your Restaurant’s Mobile App Must Include

Everyone wants their own mobile app these days, and everyone is trying to sell you one at the same time. But what's the point? Creating a mobile app for your restaurant is more then just taking your website and re-purposing the content so it looks pretty on one's mobile device.
[br] Your app has to DO SOMETHING, has to provide value to the person who went through the trouble of not only downloading it but also keeping it on their phones. Having a mobile app means having the opportunity to create very loyal users who use the app and come back to your restaurant for more.
[br] Here are 5 awesome things your mobile app should have to create a great experience for the user (and influence it's impact on your bottom line!)
[br] 5 Things Restaurant Mobile Apps Must Include [infographic]
5 Things Restaurant Mobile Apps Must Include [infographic]
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