DineAbility 14 Restaurant Industry Twitter Feeds You Need to Follow in 2014

14 Restaurant Industry Twitter Feeds You Need to Follow in 2014

[br][clear] [type size="16" top="-3" weight="400" ]Back on the day we would get all the news and resources spreading around the restaurant world in our mailbox once a month, in the form of magazines, newsletters, and other trade publications. If we found the time in our busy day, we might have a chance to scroll through one of these and catch up on the latest trends and gossip.[/type] [br][clear] [br][clear] [br][clear] [br][clear] [type size="16" top="-3" weight="400" ]These days, while we still get these same print publications, news travels a lot faster then it used to. As soon as a story breaks or an article is published, chances are someone is blogging or tweeting about it. As a matter of fact, Twitter is the easiest and quickest way to stay on top of all the industry talk-of-the-day. Want to keep your ear to the ground and on the pulse of all the hot news of the industry? Follow these 14 restaurant industry Twitter feeds and you'll be in-the-know for 2014.[/type] [br][clear] [br][clear] [br][clear] [br][clear] [br][clear] nrn
[br][clear] [h3]Nation's Restaurant News[/h3] [br][clear]
[br][clear] [link href="https://twitter.com/NRNonline" alt"NRN Online" text="twitter.com/NRNonline"] [br][clear] [type size="16" top="-3" weight="400" ]Nations Restaurant News delivers breaking news stories about the restaurant industry. Including actionable insights, top stories, photos, videos and foodservice information, serving the $600-billion foodservice industry since 1967.[/type] [br][clear] [br][clear] [br][clear] [br][clear] [br][clear] rn1
[br][clear] [h3]Restaurant News.com[/h3] [br][clear]
[br][clear] [link href="https://www.twitter.com/restaurantnews1" alt"Restaurant News.com" text="twitter.com/restaurantnews1"] [br][clear] [type size="16" top="-3" weight="400" ]Since 1999, independent operators, national chains, PR companies and other restaurant related businesses have turned to RestaurantNews.com to distribute their restaurant news and help build their brands.[/type] [br][clear] [br][clear] [br][clear] [br][clear] [br][clear] we-r-r
[br][clear] [h3]National Restaurant Association[/h3] [br][clear]
[br][clear] [link href="https://twitter.com/WeRRestaurants" alt"WeRRestaurants" text="twitter.com/WeRRestaurants"] [br][clear] [type size="16" top="-3" weight="400" ]The National Restaurant Association (NRA) is the largest foodservice trade association in the world—supporting nearly 500,000 restaurant businesses.[/type] [br][clear] [br][clear] [br][clear] [br][clear] [br][clear] qsr
[br][clear] [h3]QSR Magazine[/h3] [br][clear]
[br][clear] [link href="https://twitter.com/QSRmagazine" alt"QSRmagazine" text="twitter.com/QSRmagazine"] [br][clear] [type size="16" top="-3" weight="400" ]Quick-service restaurant and fast casual restaurant news, trends, and information at QSRmagazine.com. QSR magazine is the leading media outlet covering limited-service format restaurants and food service operations.[/type] [br][clear] [br][clear] [br][clear] [br][clear] [br][clear]

[h3]FSR Magazine[/h3] [br][clear]
[br][clear] [link href="https://twitter.com/FSRmag" alt"FSRmag" text="twitter.com/FSRmag"] [br][clear] [type size="16" top="-3" weight="400" ]FSR magazine offers ideas and insights for chefs, owners, executives, and other leaders in the full-service restaurant industry.[/type] [br][clear] [br][clear] [br][clear] [br][clear] [br][clear] rh-mag
[br][clear] [h3]Restaurant Hospitality Magazine[/h3] [br][clear]
[br][clear] [link href="https://twitter.com/RH_restaurant" alt"RH_restaurant" text="twitter.com/RH_restaurant"] [br][clear] [type size="16" top="-3" weight="400" ]Restaurant Hospitality is dedicated to the success of full-service restaurants and edited for chefs and other commercial foodservice professionals on a monthly basis, including those operating full-service restaurants, hotels, resorts, clubs, catering operations, and other commercial foodservice operations.[/type] [br][clear] [br][clear] [br][clear] [br][clear] [br][clear] restaurant-briefing
[br][clear] [h3]Restaurant Briefing[/h3] [br][clear]
[br][clear] [link href="https://twitter.com/Briefing" alt"Briefing" text="twitter.com/Briefing"] [br][clear] [type size="16" top="-3" weight="400" ]Published for restaurateurs by American Express for almost 40 years, its unique blend of best practices and expert insights continues to help restaurateurs compete in an increasingly competitive marketplace.[/type] [br][clear] [br][clear] [br][clear] [br][clear] [br][clear] fsd
[br][clear] [h3]Food Service Director[/h3] [br][clear]
[br][clear] [link href="https://twitter.com/fsdeditor" alt"fsdeditor" text="twitter.com/fsdeditor"] [br][clear] [type size="16" top="-3" weight="400" ]FoodService Director is the premier magazine for informing non-commercial foodservice operators about innovations and innovators through trends, news and insights. FSD delivers solutions and strategies to over 45,000 highly targeted readers in all segments of non-commerical foodservice, including colleges, business & industry, contract management, schools, healthcare, correctional facilities and military.[/type] [br][clear] [br][clear] [br][clear] [br][clear] [br][clear] rb-mag
[h3]Restaurant Business Magazine[/h3] [br][clear]
[br][clear] [link href="https://twitter.com/RB_magazine" alt"RB_magazine" text="twitter.com/RB_magazine"] [br][clear] [type size="16" top="-3" weight="400" ]Industry analysis and trends from Restaurant Business Magazine. The latest news, expert advice, and growth strategies for restaurant owners and operators.[/type] [br][clear] [br][clear] [br][clear] [br][clear] [br][clear]

[br][clear] [h3]The Foodservice Media Network[/h3] [br][clear]
[br][clear] [link href="https://twitter.com/Foodservicecom" alt"Foodservicecom" text="twitter.com/Foodservicecom"] [br][clear] [type size="16" top="-3" weight="400" ]Foodservice.com is an online community and social network for restaurant and food service professionals. Our site contains food & beverage products, and industry job board, market reports, industry discussion, food safety information[/type] [br][clear] [br][clear] [br][clear] [br][clear] [br][clear] fohboh
[br][clear] [h3]FOH/BOH[/h3] [br][clear]
[br][clear] [link href="https://twitter.com/FohBoh" alt"FohBoh" text="twitter.com/FohBoh"] [br][clear] [type size="16" top="-3" weight="400" ]When you combine the large, global and fragmented foodservice industry with transformative technologies and a contextually relevant interactive + social media community, you find FOHBOH.[/type] [br][clear] [br][clear] [br][clear] [br][clear] [br][clear] smartbrief
[br][clear] [h3]SmartBrief Food[/h3] [br][clear]
[br][clear] [link href="https://twitter.com/SB_Food" alt"SB_Food" text="twitter.com/SB_Food"] [br][clear] [type size="16" top="-3" weight="400" ]SmartBrief brings you the top news stories from the food and beverage industry, with newsletters focusing on restaurants, consumer packaged goods, food marketing, food and beverage packaging, confectionery, nutrition, the dairy industry and the world of culinary arts. [/type] [br][clear] [br][clear] [br][clear] [br][clear] [br][clear] technomic
[br][clear] [h3]Technomic[/h3] [br][clear]
[br][clear] [link href="https://twitter.com/technomic" alt"technomic" text="twitter.com/technomic"] [br][clear] [type size="16" top="-3" weight="400" ]Technomic is THE leading fact-based consulting and research firm serving the food industry. For over 45 years we've been tracking trends, advising clients, and publishing key industry reports.[/type] [br][clear] [br][clear] [br][clear] [br][clear] [br][clear] fastcasual
[br][clear] [h3]FastCasual[/h3] [br][clear]
[br][clear] [link href="https://twitter.com/FastCasual" alt"Restaurant News.com" text="twitter.com/FastCasual"] [br][clear] [type size="16" top="-3" weight="400" ]Fast Casual is the fastest growing segment of the restaurant industry. Au Bon Pain, Panera Bread, Qdoba, and Five Guys are a few of the top fast casual chains. FastCasual.com offers news, trends and ideas for successful fast casual restaurants.[/type] [br][clear] [br][clear] [br][clear] [br][clear] [br][clear] [br][clear] [type size="16" top="-3" weight="400" ]These 14 feeds should be plenty to get you started, but there are a ton of other awesome restaurant industry resources out there. Which ones would you recommend? Share your favorite industry Twitter feeds in the comments below, and don't forget to follow DineAbility as well![/type]

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