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[tab title="Customer Satisfaction Surveys"] [strong]Overview:[/strong] [br]

searchCustomer Satisfaction Surveys will measure the satisfaction level of the restaurant's customers. The surveys will be in paper form for easy distribution and collection. DineAbility will help to promote the survey using in-store signage. The deliverable will be presented in a final report.

[br] [strong]Service Benefits:[/strong] [br] [clear] [ul] [li]Gain the customer’s perspective on your restaurant.[/li] [li]Obtain knowledge that can increase profits.[/li] [li]Tap your most important resource: the mind of the customer.[/li] [/ul] [clear] [br] [strong]Service Success Story[/strong] [br]

star-greyI worked with a local steak house and they wanted to better understand their customers’ satisfaction level as they were hearing some negative things through the “grapevine.” I developed a survey that the owner approved and once a meal was over and the wait staff delivered the check, that person would also drop off the survey. For a three week stretch this process took place.


After the survey period was over, we analyzed the surveys and delivered a final report. The findings showed a wide array of improvement opportunities that were considered “low effort and high impact.” Another big finding was the new customers to repeat customer ratio. This finding showed a lack of new customer flow. Along with recommendations for the general items discovered, a marketing plan was also developed for this restaurant.
[br][/tab] [tab title="Staff Evaluation"] [strong]Overview:[/strong] [br]

searchStaff Evaluation will uncover the "real truth" about your restaurant. It will reveal staff needs, restaurant needs, and a general understanding of your staff's morale, engagement level, and attitude toward your business. The feedback will allow management to focus on developing certain key areas that improves staff's self-confidence, morale, and productivity. The deliverable will be presented in a final report.
[br] [strong]Service Benefits[/strong] [br] [clear] [ul] [li]Gain insight into how your staff functions and interacts by creating dialogue with your staff.[/li]

[li]Create a forum for your staff to talk about work related problems and issues that may be affecting your business.[/li]

[li]Troubleshoot specific problems with your staff.[/li] [/ul] [clear] [br] [strong]Service Success Story[/strong] [br]

star-greyThere was an instance where I worked with a company who didn’t feel a strong commitment from their staff. We conducted both focus groups and interviews and we determined that middle management was not allowed to make decisions that influenced the work done by the staff.


This lack of trust and lack of confidence shown by upper management to middle management reflected in the staff’s motivation to listen and abide by the middle management’s direction. After this was determined, middle management was giving more flexibility and autonomy to make decisions and become better leaders. This change led to better working relationship between the staff and middle management which resulted in a more committed workforce whose performance improved.
[br][/tab] [tab title="Training"] [strong]Overview:[/strong] [br]

searchTraining will be for restaurant staff and management to improve various competencies, abilities, and skills. These will be done in the applicable amount of sessions that correspond to the training being administered. Training can be done in-person or via computer / webcast.

[br] [br] [strong]Service Benefits[/strong] [br] [clear] [ul] [li]Increase staff awareness, etiquette, product knowledge and efficiency to put the best staff possible in your establishment.[/li]

[li]Great way to introduce new systems, products and procedures to the staff.[/li]

[li]Create universal service strategies to generate a more consistent product and customer experience.[/li] [/ul] [clear] [br] [strong]Service Success Story[/strong] [br]

star-greyThe proper training of wait staff is critical to a positive customer experience. If a customer doesn’t get consistent service they may not return to the restaurant, even if they enjoyed the food.


I’ve trained many potential employees in all levels of the business and what I’ve found is that by setting standards of service in the restaurant, and making staff accountable for achieving each one of those standards during a customer’s visit, it accomplished two things: (1) a consistent customer experience and (2) the creation of a training template that makes it possible to train future staff without diluting the training process. No matter who was being trained, or doing the training, a standard could be reached, measured, and reinforced.