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Tin Play’s New Tin & Muddle Tools Add Flair To Your Boring Bar

The folks over at Tin Play are pleased to introduce you to their remarkable and revolutionary new bar tools: the Precision Pour Flair Tin and the 4-in-1 muddle. Tin Play conceived and developed these tools because, as experienced bartenders and service-providers, they know what it takes to make a bar run smoothly, be fun, and consequently do greater volume sales.


Tin Play's products were designed to help bars, owners, bartenders and suppliers be more successful, make more money and be more efficient. Check out the features the products in action.

"Our goal is to provide outstanding products to every bar, nightclub, hotel, casino, stadium, restaurant & bartending school!"

The Precision Pour Fair Tin upgrades a bartender's standard mixing shaker in a multitude of visually appealing, exciting and revenue-generating ways all while saving the establishments "Pour Cost." It is transparent so that sponsor logos can be featured, while customers are able to watch their drinks being poured and mixed. The stainless steel pin inside the Precision Pour Fair Tin functions both as a measuring tool (liquid poured to its height creates the perfect pour) and as a stopper to allow multiple Precision Pour Fair Tins to be stacked so that even a beginner bartender can perform exciting tip-generating multi-drink pours.


Just as the Precision Pour Fair Tins has a variety of ingenuous uses, so too does the 4-in-1 muddle. This open-ended jagged-tooth device was designed to t over the pin in the Precision Pour Fair Tin for seamless use of the Tin Play products. The cavity of the muddle is also a jigger, complete with measuring lines, and the top of the muddle is a bottle cap/can opener. Every bartender using the TIN PLAY products will have an advantage in the highly competitive hospitality industry by:

[ul] [li]Cost Saving "PC"[/li] [li]Maximizing work space[/li] [li]Tip generating[/li] [li]Branding opportunity[/li] [li]Creating a great visual for all you patrons[/li] [li]Consistant cocktails every time[/li][/ul] [clear] For more info on these neat bartending products visit tinplay.com

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