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Tips From The Complete Guide to Restaurant Marketing

Restaurants are going digital in a big way. New attractive technologies including tableside kiosks, digital menu boards, and app-integrated loyalty programs are boosting restaurant marketing efforts in a variety of dining categories. However, if you're just wading into marketing your restaurant, or can't afford some of the more pricier options for marketing, such as digital signage, you still have a lot of venues to explore.


Developing an Effective Website

Your customers have a few elements they want to see immediately upon visiting your website. They want to get an idea of what type of restaurant you are, and what you serve, and will count on your websites providing them with this information. They expect to see:

• A menu of what you serve for breakfast, lunch or dinner
• Hours of operation and contact information
• Pictures of at least one of your meals

It's time do a quick audit of your restaurant's website. Do you have this information and is it easily found on your website? Or do you have to hunt for it? Try to visit your website like a guest would, without any idea of who your restaurant is, and what you offer. Would that guest find out everything they need to know, or do is there information missing? This is where you have to do work.


Going Mobile with Your Restaurant's Website

Don't forget mobile websites! The Restaurant Association of America said in 2013 that 63% of individuals use a smartphone or tablet to look up restaurant information regularly.

With smartphones' increasing popularity, it's common for a potential customer to look up restaurant information. You want to make sure they have the right information and it's easily read on a mobile screen. Your mobile website is a stripped-down version of your main website, but it must have the same essential information, plus contact information and location easily accessible. By clicking on one of these elements, your customers will be able to call you or map your location using their device's GPS.

These are two of the most powerful things to consider in your restaurant's marketing options, and are two topics of interest in the new Complete Guide to Restaurant Marketing from Consolidated Food Service, which may be read for free now. In it, you'll learn all of the marketing options your restaurant can try, including newspaper advertising, sports sponsorship and more.

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