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How the Heck Do I Get My Staff to Be More Consistent?

Consistency is a restaurant’s best friend. If you can concatenate your staff’s daily work routine with a solidified and accepted procedural guide (i.e. the “how-to” of your restaurant), you can unequivocally cultivate and perpetuate consistency. How do you do it? Here are four ways to get you started.

[br][clear] [h3]1. Create the foundation for your procedural guide.[/h3]

Ask yourself what exactly is most important to the success of your business, and begin with those as the foundation for your procedural document. Those are the items you want to focus on when crafting this guide. Don’t go too far down the road of guide development just yet. There are some considerations that must be pondered which are presented in step 2.


[br][clear] [h3]2. Understand what procedures are happening now in your restaurant.[/h3]

If you don’t have a current procedural guide, and even if you do and don’t regularly train against it, I guarantee your staff are doing a whole lot of tasks dissimilarly – causing inconsistent results. The first thing you should do is find out how people are doing their jobs. You have your way of doing things, but your staff may have better, more efficient ways.

A great way to get your staff committed to reading and adopting the contents of the procedural document is to incorporate them in the creation of it. This is a great exercise, especially if you conduct a brainstorming session with a good chunk of your staff. You’d be surprised on the amount of teamwork and unsolicited peer training that can occur.

[h3]3. Complete the procedural guide[/h3]

Now that you have your staff’s feedback, take their responses and develop the procedural guide. Make the procedural guide flow, not in superfluous manner, but instead in a well arranged fashion that best matches the end-to-end customer experience. This is the best way for the staff to learn the right procedures in a format that makes most sense.


[br][clear] [h3]Launch the guide[/h3]

Have a procedural launch party! Seriously! To the extent in which you make this guide important will dictate the degree of acceptance and adoption. If you develop a procedural guide and bury it in a filing cabinet in no-man’s land, don’t expect behavioral and attitude changes from your staff. Make the procedural guide a central part of your business. Not only having an official rollout for the guide, but also follow these tips:

[br][clear] [ul
] [li]Ensure the procedural guide is used to train new staff[/li] [li]At least quarterly, review the document with your staff (especially in those areas where the team is not following or becoming inconsistent)[/li] [li]Make the guide extremely accessible for the staff (consider an online “cloud” document storage website – so everyone, at any time, can access the document electronically)[/li] [li]Be a continuous cheerleader for the guide and always be communicating why following it is so important[/li] [li]Finally, build your coalition of influencers (develop an advocacy group comprised of true leaders on your staff so they are promoting the guide and its procedures to the rest of the staff)[/li][/ul]

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