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[h2]Customer Satisfaction Surveys[/h2] [br][clear]

Customer Satisfaction Surveys will measure the satisfaction level of your customers. The surveys will be in paper form for easy distribution and collection. DineAbility will help to promote the survey using in-store signage. The deliverable will be presented in a final report.


check3[h3]Tap your most important resource: the mind of the customer[/h3] [br][clear] check3[h3]Gain a first-hand customer perspective of your restaurant[/h3] [br][clear] check3[h3]Obtain knowledge that can directly influence your bottom line and address your customers’ needs[/h3] [br][clear] [br][clear] [h2]Customer focus groups[/h2] [br][clear]

Customer focus groups allow for real-time interaction and feedback. This is a great way to ask questions to really uncover the customer “dissatisfiers” of a restaurant. Further, focus groups allow for back-and-forth dialogue which produces the best, most in-depth understanding of all aspects of your restaurant.


check3[h3]Obtain a holistic understanding of your restaurant from the collaborative minds of your customers[/h3] [br][clear]

check3[h3]Understand key customer-experience-improvement opportunities that have been thoroughly discussed and deliberated by a group of randomly selected customers[/h3] [br][clear]

check3[h3]Confirm general perceptions held by your customer base[/h3] [br][clear] [h2]Customer Observation[/h2] [br][clear]

If a picture can tell a thousand words, just think what an observation of a live dinner service can provide. Customer observation is the process of DineAbility discreetly assessing the customer experience and making evaluations based on the interactions, turn around times, and overall experience.


check3[h3]Learn the true flow and operations of your restaurant[/h3] [br][clear]

check3[h3]Understand the professionalism your staff portrays[/h3] [br][clear]

check3[h3]Acquire key details about the service experience[/h3] [br][clear] check3[h3]Learn where the key improvements areas are that will transform the customer experience[/h3] [br][clear] Get Started >>