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DineAbility’s “Yelp Help!” prepares you to handle that pesky amateur food-critic site: Yelp. Yelp can be your best friend or in some cases, your worst nightmare that keeps you up at night. We want you to sleep tight, so consider this service.

Package Contents*
  • Learn how to manage your Yelp site (Yelp Help! Guide)
  • Receive a Yelp Help! Report* - a comprehensive breakdown of your Yelp site
  • Receive 1 month of weekly Yelp monitoring - stay up-to-date and learn how to monitor
Yelp Help + Monitoring
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The “Yelp Help! Guide” focuses on how to address poor Yelp reviews and how to manage your Yelp site.
[br][clear] The “Yelp Help! Report” contains examples of Yelp feedback posts, breaks down a sample of pre-categorized sentiments from food, service, décor, and general, provides workable strategies and solutions, and provides final analysis from Elite reviewers and “regulars.” Elite reviewers are determined by Yelp. “Regulars” are subjectively determined by DineAbility based on context of post.
[br][clear] The “1 month of weekly Yelp monitoring” will be in the form of a weekly report card. It will detail the newest Yelp reviews, DineAbility’s interpretation of the review, and our recommendations.